Skip Griparis Gallery
Skip Griparis
Love in Lincoln Park 1999
The Aristocats 1965
Skip and Ronnie Rice, Dec. 2013, The Wire
Olivia Newton John & Skip in Glamour Magazine
Actor David Naughton & Skip.
Noel Neill with her beautiful statue in Metropolis, IL.
Skip as a child.
Skip, Bill Klewitz, Carol Gentes
Skip with drummer/friend, Dick Verucchi, 1975
"Tab for Stardom" 1984, Victory Gardens Theater
Stronghold 1971, photo by Bob Hafey
The New Colony Six, 1974
Skip 1977
Crystal Tower 1968
After a Muriel Anderson concert, 2013
The Aristocats 1965
Skip 1998
Nobody rocks a bow tie like me.
Mug shot? No, smoldering for Cheri Mann Casting
The Aristocats 1964
Joliet Central Gym, 1967
Bob Uecker and Skip
Trilogy, 1970